• Leak repairing on water and waste networks
  • Toilets flushing system repairing
  • Pressure security group replacement

BELIER-SERVICES repairs your plumbing issues.
BELIER-SERVICES by your side for your plumbing projects.

New projects

  • Faucet, evac and toilets replacement
  • Installation of furnitures, sink, ...
  • New kitchen installation network preparing
  • Outside equipment installation


Network protection

  • Filtering system installation (sand, mud,...)
  • Limestone limiting system installation
  • Water micro filtering solutions installation
  • Connected meter installation and setup

BELIER-SERVICES helps you protect your plumbing installation.

Our Commitment

  • BELIER-SERVICES is homologated :

  • French label ARTISAN's logo French logo CMA Ile de France

  • BELIER-SERVICES suggests :

  • Faucet GROHE brand logo Waste pipe Nicoll brand logo Limestone CO2 Treatment Ecobulles brand logo